Mandolink gives you music freedom

Mandolink is a multimedia gadget that connects to your car via USB, downloads your YouTube playlists and stores them offline so you can enjoy them without the need for internet and without ads. Enjoy your favorite music everywhere you go with Mandolink

USB Device

Just plug-in and Play, that simple. It connects and starts syncing right away.



No battery is required, Mandolink charges itself from your car and never runs out of power.


your way

Choose your storage capacity, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB, you’ll never run out of beats to play.


of Music

No ads and no credit card required. True listening experience in your car

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All your music stream
100% offline

That’s what makes it so unique. You don’t need internet access to be the DJ of your own vehicle. Download your music content one-time, and enjoy your all-time favorite tunes – forever. All content is 100% offline, meaning you don’t need network coverage to listen to the songs that make you tick.
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One time setup
Non-stop music

Create YouTube playlists and subscribe to your favorite channels, and Mandolink will intelligently create directories of MP3 files. You can also automatically download any new content released by your favorite Podcast channels. All the while with no recurring payments or annoying commercials.
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YouTube & Google Drive
Multiple Account Sync

You can download your music content from multiple YouTube Playlist & Channels, but also from multiple YouTube Account. This makes Mandolink the ultimate music sharing device, so that you and your friends & family can listen to your favorite tunes on road-trips or when car sharing.

Also, Mandolink lets you connect with your Google Drive Account so that you can access your favorite stored music & tunes, easily.

iOS and Android compatible.

Manage everything with the app

The Mandolink App lets you easily configure your Mandolink device and stay up to date with your music. The app lets you choose:

  • Witch YouTube Account to sync with
  • The frequency of the sync period
  • Between WiFi or 3G connection when syncing.
  • Other options for the app.

Order your Mandolink today!

Mandolink is available for pre-order, all across Europe, in two production versions.
iOS and Android compatible.

Get the Mandolik app

The Mandolink configuration App lets you easily configure your Mandolink device and stay up to date with your music.

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